19 :: Henri Grâce à Dieu (1514)

This majestic carrack is due to the famous and talented King Henry VIII (1491–1547), who was born in the prophetic place called Greenwich.


For the first time, the masts are not made of a single piece of wood. In order to increase both their height and their strength, several spars are placed end-upon-end and fixed by ties called caps. Notice the lion figurehead: it is destined to become an English “classic.”


The royal ship displaces 1000 tonnes. She is 40 m long and 7 m wide, and armed with 21 bronze guns and 130 culverins (long and light guns). The foremast and mainmast hold square sails, whereas the mizzenmast and counter mizzen are rigged with lateen sails. Inspired by a source unknown to us, Lecouvie set two square sails above the mizzen sail.


An accidental fire destroyed this ship in 1552.