27 :: Léone (1700)

A frigate is a fast, light, responsive ship, nimble and free of ponderous decorations. Frigates were the favourite ships of privateers, who honoured them with their unrivalled prowess and fame.


The sail set unfurls, as if a reminder of the bird who gave his name to this type of ship.


On the French model sculpted by Lecouvie can still be seen a small mast extending the bowsprit, the bowsprit topgallant, holding a sail called the counter-spritsail. This fragile spar was abandoned quickly, making place for staysails; indeed, ways were found to put many staysails in front of every mast. The frigate benefited considerably from the presence of a small, rough, recoilless gun known as the carronade, invented in Scotland on the shores of the Carron River.