42 :: Bluenose

It seems a Bluenose was originally a Canadian from Nova Scotia, or possibly even from New Brunswick. However, as early as the 1870s, the term refers simply to a Canadian merchant vessel from one or another of the eastern Provinces.


Europeans envied us these boats, with their modern equipment, where had developed a more or less polished style and where skill outweighed science and manners by a wide margin. Aboard these ships had grown the pride of perfectly disciplined crews.


In 1921 came the fishing schooner Bluenose, designed in Lunenburg by architect William Rove. She successfully participated in the transatlantic races sponsored by the English shipowners, quickly becoming the darling of the St. Lawrence Captains. She remained victorious for 17 years. Bluenose II was launched on July 23, 1963; she has been seen to reach 19 knots!


Edmond Lecouvie made several replicas of Bluenose, to sell to admiring friends or as wedding gifts. This ivory one, however, seems to be unique.